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  • A Fresh Perspective on Asset Allocation Products in Your Defined Contribution (DC) Menu

    Participants need and want help managing their retirement assets. Many look for professional management through either managed accounts, risk based asset allocation portfolios or target date funds. This session will explore the advantages and disadvantages of the various asset allocation products available to plan sponsors, and how sponsors can utilize them in their plan and for their participants.

  • Any Person, Any Stage, Any Budget: The ABCs of HSAs

    A Health Savings Account (HSA) offers unique triple tax advantages that help employees manage and plan for health care expenses today and into retirement, yet it is often misunderstood or confused with other health benefit accounts, resulting in missed opportunities. We'll go "under the hood" and explain how an HSA works, and discuss the important advantages for your benefits offering and for your employees.

  • Big Data, Big Results: Using Analytics to Maximize Your HSA Strategy

    By using data to understand the financial behaviors of different age groups, we can send targeted and relevant messaging to your employees—through multiple channels—to inspire them to take positive actions with their Health Savings Accounts (HSAs). Learn about the tools and strategies available to help expand employee engagement.

  • Brain Health: Check-Up From the Neck Up

    In this era of longevity, keeping our minds healthy as we age is just as important as our physical and financial health. In this session, we'll share research and insights from several leading experts on brain health and the steps we can take now to keep our minds healthy long‑term.

  • Considerations in Structuring Your HSA Investment Menu

    Are you considering a customized Health Savings Account (HSA) investment lineup? If so, you're not alone. In this session, you'll hear from our panel of professionals on what points to consider when looking to customize your HSA lineup or mirror your 401(k) investment lineup. We'll discuss fiduciary obligations, potential ERISA ramifications and customization options.

  • Cyber Security: How to Keep Your Data Safe

    Get the insider perspective on hidden cyber security trends and threats, and how to protect yourself from them.

  • Designing a Defined Contribution (DC) Investment Menu for the Modern Workplace

    Benefit programs have a significant impact on attracting and retaining employees. But did you know that your DC investment menu has a dynamic role in this equation? Employees are keenly interested in the investment options within the DC offering. With Baby Boomers, Generation X and Millennials in the workforce, the idea of a "one size fits all" menu is transforming. Millennials are looking for impact investment options while others may be looking for tailored solutions. This session will explore how to structure an investment menu that helps you meet your fiduciary responsibilities while also helping to attract and retain employees.

  • Employee Engagement Strategies That Work

    From ideation to execution, you'll walk away from this session with a roadmap and practical tips to help you implement an effective, multi-channel employee engagement strategy. We'll share successful campaign examples from your peers that you can leverage as well.

  • Employee Stock Purchase Plans: Trends and Best Practices

    An Employee Stock Purchase Plan (ESPP) can be an effective tool to help strengthen employee attraction and retention, as well as align employee, shareholder and company goals. We'll show you how. Already offer ESPP? We'll explore how to benchmark your plan against your peers to help you stay ahead of the trends and leverage best practices.

  • Equity Programs Need Not Stand Alone: Build Them Into Your Financial Wellness Program

    Equity compensation programs have long been utilized to attract and retain talent, but what about their potential to impact an employee's sense of financial wellness? Come hear directly from employers who are at the forefront of this trend and our education specialists who are talking to employees every day.

  • Global Gurus: Learn From the Masters

    A panel of plan sponsors will share their tips to successfully manage global equity compensation benefits, helping you leverage this valuable offering and strive for a competitive spot in the market for talent around the globe. We'll also preview enhancements we're making to international employee identification solutions.

  • Legislative and Regulatory Updates

    Staying on top of the ever-changing legislative and regulatory environment may feel daunting, but we have it covered. We'll decode key issues and their impact on the retirement and benefits industry.

  • News You Can Use: Key Trends in Global Equity Compensation

    Learn from the industry's best! This panel of industry leaders will update you on key trends and the future outlook of equity compensation programs.

  • Plan Design Strategies for a Multigenerational Workforce

    Intelligent plan design can play a significant role in the financial wellness of your employees, regardless of age or life priorities. We'll reveal plan design trends used by your peers to help attract, retain and engage your employees.

  • Rx for Health Care Costs in Retirement

    The cost of health care can quickly erode retirement assets, with the average couple needing an estimated $270,000* for medical expenses in retirement. While Medicare eligibility begins at age 65, retirees should expect to pay for premiums, co-pays, some drug prescriptions and other out-of-pocket expenses not covered by insurance. In this session, we'll explore tips for maximizing Social Security, Medicare and Health Savings Accounts. We'll also explore the available educational programs that can help employees plan for medical expenses, particularly those 50 and older.

    * Source: Employee Benefits Research Institute, January 2017.

  • Strategies to Drive HSA Enrollment and Improve Utilization

    A High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) paired with a Health Savings Account (HSA) can be a powerful solution to help employees manage medical expenses now and into retirement, yet many are afraid to move from a traditional plan—like a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) or Health Maintenance Organization (HMO)—to an HDHP. In this session, you'll hear from plan sponsors and industry professionals on how to structure plan design, incentives and education to help make the switch simple and low-stress for employees. You'll hear from plan sponsors who have had success with individuals self-enrolling in an HDHP, and learn best practices for designing an education program that helps employees understand how powerful an HDHP paired with an HSA can be.

  • The Future at Work: Artificial Intelligence Is Here

    Advances in technology—from robots to artificial intelligence to virtual reality—are transforming how we live, work, socialize and play. We'll explore the challenges and opportunities inherent in these technologies on economics, health care, elder care and longer life spans.

  • The ROI of D&I

    Creating a culture of diversity and inclusion (D&I) encourages innovation, boosts productivity and instills an atmosphere of employee commitment. Learn how to enhance your company's diversity and inclusion efforts and the positive impact they can have on your organization and your employees.

  • Tick Tock: Do Hourly Wage Earners Take a Different Approach to Their Financial Goals?

    Hourly wage earners often approach their financial goals in a different way than salaried employees. Learn how you can help empower hourly wage earners in their financial wellness through effective plan design and engagement strategies.

  • Tips for Managing Your Defined Contribution (DC) Plans in a Fast-Paced Environment

    Regardless of your plan size or the size of your benefits team, everyone is looking to maximize efficiency. This session will examine administrative best practices across the plan spectrum. You'll hear directly from plan administrators, and we'll explore their unique perspectives on managing highly effective teams and plans.

  • Turning Disruption Into Inspiration

    Times of corporate disruption and change—mergers and/or acquisitions, new leadership or other business transformations—can provide unique opportunities. We'll review some case studies from plan sponsors who took advantage of their dynamic environment to evolve and lead their benefit teams while creating personal and professional growth opportunities.

  • Up Close and Personal: The Financial Consultation Experience

    Learn firsthand about the financial consultation experience. You'll get the inside scoop on what's on employees' minds, and experience the interactive tools and strategies our Financial Wellness Specialists use to connect employees to potentially better financial outcomes.

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